Friday, May 27, 2011

Copy Cat

I didn't want to do the  blog thing and just compile all kinds of wacky-intrest-specific links, but my life is not worthy of daily documentation; what else am I to post?
o, I find it a tad pretentious when people do recite their entire day right down to their meals and bowel movements.  Therefore I can justify my copy-catting tendencies since the alternative is less desirable. 

Today's theme shall be cycling. I am feeling inspired and nostalgic towards the subject and think it's a good starting point.

Note the fender is made of plastic and zip ties.

If only I didn't just get a new helmet...

Stumbled upon this:
on this:

inca a pan
delightful illustrator, just because

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The 1st Sunburn

You know it's getting warmer when the first sunburn sneaks its way onto your previously pasty body.  Of course no one notices during the day when preventative measures could have been made.  Of course you don't feel it's band-aide like ripping pain until it's too late. Of course, this is the long weekend.

Which brings me to another point; I have found myself unemployed during this festive first long weekend of the warmer season. It's not that I don't appreciate the cottage/cycling/running/burning/gluttony that represents these four days of civic holidays. It's just that the appreciation is not as fulfilling as if I was actually missing work or obligations. 

I'm actually a touch sad I cannot job hunt because everything is closed and no one is around. I know one day I'll look at this (hopefully next long weekend) and smite my self for being so lush about a weekend I don't even notice. Until then, HURRAY!

This my friends is a result of about 4 hours in direct sunlight sans sunscreen. In my defence I was only planning on being outside for 2 hours. Maybe 3.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On a more positive note...

I go through spurts of very little action to multiple events when it comes to job opportunities. In the past week, I've gotten my foot into 2 gallery doors, a call back AND an email response. I suppose my previous ranting wasn't entirely necessary, but this just goes to show how much things can change. 

As the weather is getting warmer, the desire to work in an office becomes less and less; however there's always lunch time. And the weekend. And I would be the type of person to ask to work outside. It's not like I'm going to run away...

I love sitting on the front porch far too much 
for my own good. Hence the sunburn I'm currently nursing.

With warm weather comes bike rides. 
100km this weekend, not too shabby.

I love love love blue skies. UV rays aren't so nice.

I know it's backwards, but you get the idea. Outdoor sketches/journal entries are always a good way to pass the time.